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Ghost Stories (2018)

Professional paranormal debunker and self-proclaimed “truth seeker”, Professor Phillip Goodman, visits three people who claim to have had supernatural encounters. By the end of his journey, Phillip hopes to expose the cases as frauds or explain away their encounters with unwavering logic. However, this time Professor Goodman may have met his match. As soon as […]

The First Purge (2018)

A new controversial political party has usurped the nation’s traditional two-party system and managed to get one of their own elected as President. The President enacts an even more controversial social experiment – the first purge. Contained to a single island in New York, the nation’s first “purge” is encouraged by the governing party to […]

Unsane (2018)

A short-tempered businesswoman, Sawyer, finds herself unwittingly committed to a mental institution after a brief meeting with a psychiatrist. Believing she was only signing standard paperwork under the instruction of the psychiatrist, Sawyer becomes enraged upon discovering she had signed permission for the institution to keep her for up to one week against her will. […]

Demon House (2018)

Advertised as a documentary, this movie follows TV personality Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) on his supposed three-year journey of filming events surrounding a “haunted” house he purchased. Everything in the documentary is perpetuated to be true despite glaring evidence to the contrary. Before I get into this, it should be known that I didn’t start […]