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20191 h 31 min

A torn suburban family refuses to heed the warning of an innocent prank left upon them which causes an unknown supernatural force to wreak havoc.

Director Luke Jaden
Runtime 1 h 31 min
Release Date 28 February 2019

Boo! is a very well-written and visually entertaining ride of nightmares and tension haunting one unfortunate family on Halloween. The cinematography is very impressive as the camera pans across a foggy, silent Detroit neighborhood leading us to the plot of this horrifying tale. Boo! is further proof that you don’t need a huge budget and A-list actors to create a truly good horror movie; you need actors that take their roles seriously, a script that’s written well, and a talented director with an eye for horror. Boo! has all of those things and then some, making the end result something every horror fan should enjoy.

Everything starts with the sound of a doorbell ringing, followed by the discovery of a paper bag on the front step containing a letter that, if not passed onto another unassuming soul, will curse the family whose house it was last left upon. The curse in question is quite a gnarly one, which we get to discover first hand as of course this family does not pass on the letter. Everyone in the family seems to be haunted by the ghosts of their past sins, similar to the plot of ‘Flatliners’ if you’ve seen that movie.

If I had one complaint it would be the ending. I was expecting some explanation or origin story behind the curse, but instead we are left with an open ending and no resolution to the plot. This could leave the story open for a sequel wherein we learn how this curse was set in motion but unfortunately I’m not keeping my fingers crossed that a sequel will happen. I’m one of those horror fans who loves a good franchise so I’m always thinking about sequels and prequels but at the same time I acknowledge that not everyone feels as I do. For Boo! to have a sequel I imagine it would need quite a large following but a lot of these niche horror movies don’t get the recognition they deserve. I’ll step off my soapbox now.

This movie is…

It’s not a huge horror blockbuster but fans of these lower budget, high-talent horror movies will appreciate it.

Cheers and goodnight.