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Demon House (2018)

Advertised as a documentary, this movie follows TV personality Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) on his supposed three-year journey of filming events surrounding a “haunted” house he purchased. Everything in the documentary is perpetuated to be true despite glaring evidence to the contrary. Before I get into this, it should be known that I didn’t start […]

Truth or Dare (2018)

This is your standard, teens on vacation making bad decisions, eventually leading to their ultimate demise, horror movie. Every year it seems like the studios pump out these ridiculous-looking horror movies presumably to satiate some teenage posers that like to say they enjoy horror movies, but in reality, they enjoy nonsensical plots that don’t get […]

Family Blood (2018)

Family Blood – it’s your average, struggling, single mother-drug-addict-turned-vampire story. A young woman struggles to cope with past drug addiction in an effort to raise her two teenage children, only to have another problem dropped in her lap – unwillingly becoming a “child of the night”, desperately seeking blood and killing anything that gets in […]

Winchester (2018)

Set in 1906, the elder heiress to the Winchester fortune (whose booming success was greatly due to the creation of the Winchester repeating rifle) voluntarily lives in an ever-growing tomb – her home – which is constantly built upon around the clock by contractors, working day and night to create and change various additions to […]

Primal Rage (2018)

Killer bigfoot movies sound like something that should flood the horror movie market, or at least one would think, but the last notable movie I can remember about the legendary sasquatch was the slapstick family film ‘Harry and the Henderson’s’. According to a quick online search, however, apparently there have been at least 50 movies […]