This is your standard, teens on vacation making bad decisions, eventually leading to their ultimate demise, horror movie. Every year it seems like the studios pump out these ridiculous-looking horror movies presumably to satiate some teenage posers that like to say they enjoy horror movies, but in reality, they enjoy nonsensical plots that don’t get too deep and scenes that don’t get too dark and CGI that is laughable at best. This movie was absolutely made for those people. I want to say this movie was a horror parody but all trailers and marketing lead me to believe this movie was meant to be taken seriously. Be warned, I’m going to spoil the hell out of this movie, so if you plan on watching it and want to be surprised then I advise you stop reading now – not that I advise anyone watch this movie.

I started out watching this movie just as I do any other – with an open mind, ready to take in the experience with whatever it decides to throw at me. This time, unfortunately, shit was thrown at me. Putting aside the boring teen drama and repressed sexual feelings that create the base of every teen horror movie, the actual manner in which they become “cursed” is cliché and frankly boring. They meet some guy at a bar and decide to follow him to a building and they all play a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare, only it wasn’t an innocent game and they are now all cursed to play Truth or Dare forever or until a demon kills them. Kind of sounds similar to ‘The Midnight Man’ in terms of being tricked into playing a “killer game” by someone you trust. Or ‘Ghost House’ when the woman is tricked into getting haunted by some locals, after which they must track down the source and find a way to stay alive. ‘Ouija’, ‘The Ring’, ‘The Bye Bye Man’, ‘It Follows’, I could go on, but this plot of getting someone tricked into doing things just to pass on a curse is more than redundant in horror movies today. With the plot lacking originality, you would think they would try harder in other areas of the movie, right?

Wrong. This has to be the dumbest CGI I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. That stupid, ridiculous face the teens make when they are “possessed” is so cheap looking that it made me laugh the first time I saw it. That face is what made me think this was going to be a horror parody, but they actually meant for that face to be scary. Can you believe that? The big eyes and long, curved smile that were meant to scare you. On the other hand, as I believe, they were meant to let the horror posers know this movie was going to be “safe” in terms of scariness, so they could brag about going to see a horror movie, knowing it was going to be stupid. Look, I have times when I like to watch horror movies that are considered dumb or cheap, but they usually were meant to look dumb and cheap due to budgeting restraints. This movie actually had a big budget and good studio backing it, so what’s their excuse?

Ready for the ending? I’ll preface it with a question. Have you ever seen ‘The Ring Two’? Same ending. All of the teens die save for the main two girls, who only survive by extending the game of Truth or Dare to the rest of the world. In a desperate move to save her friend, the main girl decides to make a deal with the demon and post a video asking all viewers, “truth or dare?” Fade to black, roll credits, the end. No resolution, no grand finale, no source explanation for a demon that plays Truth or Dare, nothing. I still remember how disappointed I was with the ending to ‘The Ring Two’ and I never expected to see such lazy writing again. Apparently, I was wrong.

For those of you who claim to be horror fans but only like to watch these “safe” horror movies that don’t get too scary, maybe this genre isn’t for you. As long as you keep supporting movies like this, they’re going to keep making them. Let’s leave the teen drama in the Comedy genre and let horror movie makers get back to making horror movies.

This movie is…

Maybe next they’ll make a Spin the Bottle horror movie.

Cheers and goodnight.