Suspenseful, creepy, and relentless, La Llorona is one mean, crazy, child-killing ghost woman. Summoned by unknown means, La Llorona shows up with only one intention – to steal and kill children. Much like other curses in horror movies, the film opens at the end of one family’s horrible encounter with the curse which is then passed onto the main characters. However, unlike many other curse/ghost-filled horror movies, this bitch wastes no time simply scaring her victims and instead jumps straight into the violence and terror that usually only comes during a horror movie’s third act. From our first encounter with La Llorona, it is very apparent that this ghost isn’t messing around.

One of my favorite aspects of this movie is the lack of music during scenes of suspense and tension. Finally! This is something I’ve complained about for years – how horror movies could improve their “scary” scenes by simply removing the crappy music and tones altogether in favor of cold silence. Sometimes, the lack of something actually improves the scene, and this movie is a fantastic example of that. When we follow a character going through moments of suspense, the silence brings a sense of reality to the scene which only intensifies the viewer’s experience. Instead of thinking, “Boy, this music sounds crappy”, I was only focused on what was going on in the scene and I really enjoyed that.

What I didn’t realize, or possibly just overlooked, was the fact that this movie takes place in “The Conjuring” movie universe, meaning characters in this movie appear in other movies connected to The Conjuring. For instance, Father Perez was in the movie “Annabelle” as well as this movie and plays the same character in both. The director of “The Curse of La Llorona”, Michael Chaves, will also be directing “The Conjuring 3”, which is set to hit theaters in 2020. I don’t know if this means we will be seeing the characters from The Curse of La Llorona show up in The Conjuring 3, but the fact that these movies take place in the same universe means it could be possible.

Overall, I was satisfied with this movie even though it felt very short. However I think it felt short only because the movie really is nonstop suspense and action. Just when you think they’re going to give the viewer a second to breathe, something else crazy happens and the roller coaster starts all over again.

This movie is…

Cheers and goodnight.