After stopping by his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to obtain his remaining belongings, one young man’s awkward encounter soon becomes horrifying after waking up the next morning to realize he has slept through the zombie apocalypse. Lucky for him, however, he has awakened after the chaos of everyone in the apartment building being turned into zombies has ended, and the zombies have since meandered on to other prospects, giving him free reign over the building to gather supplies. Considering the surplus of supplies at his fingertips and the safety of an entire apartment to himself, it doesn’t take long for our main character to become extremely bored. Combined with the utter quietness of no one around for him to talk to, I have to say this doesn’t make for a gripping movie watching experience.

Nowadays it’s difficult for a zombie movie to stand out and be original. I mean they’ve done basically everything that can be done with zombies. With this movie, they’ve even skipped one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of a zombie movie – the event that sparks the zombie apocalypse. The scenes in which everyone becomes a zombie, to me, are some of the best parts in a zombie movie. There’s none of that in this movie. We just get to see this random guy coping with being the only living person left. He doesn’t even spend that much time fighting zombies; he just shoots at them from afar with a paintball gun and occasionally has one-sided conversations with a zombie that’s trapped in an elevator. How riveting.

This was marketed and advertised as a horror movie, but I would say this falls more into the drama genre. Yes, I know it is technically “horrific” for anyone to be trapped in a zombie apocalypse, but the way they tell the story, I believe, defines its genre. After watching this guy do what amounts to nothing for 45 minutes, I think it’s safe to call this a drama. With so many zombie survival movies out there, I have to wonder why this movie was made at all. It’s obviously not trying to be a horror movie, I get that. It wants to show the survival and struggle of this random guy, but why? Who is asking for these movies? You know what’s going to happen and you know how it will end, so what is the appeal? I am truly interested to find out why someone might enjoy this.

Eventually, the zombies finally break into the apartment building and the main character manages to repel his way to a neighboring rooftop. This is where the movie ends and the credits roll. After all that build up, we are given no resolution or explanation, or even the gratification of having the main character at least get eaten by zombies. Instead, what we get is the sound of him crying as credits roll. What a huge waste of time this was. Please do not waste your time on this movie as there are far better zombie horror movies that actually include things like suspense, entertaining characters, and, you know, elements of horror.

This movie is…

Watching this felt like the longest hour and a half of my life.

Cheers and goodnight.