Although expressly titled “Leprechaun: Origins” it is unclear whether this is an actual prequel to the series. In fact, I’m fairly certain this film has nothing to do with any previous Leprechaun titles. So, why call it Leprechaun: Origins? Why not just call it Leprechaun? This question and many more will be explored as we delve into the movie that did far worse to the series than “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood” ever could. Let’s get to the plot, shall we?

A pair of college couples take a trip to Ireland in search of aimless frivolity through meaningless bar-hopping with faux excursionist enthusiasm. While enjoying a pint at their most recent pub, an old local and his son offer the students a once in a lifetime opportunity to check out some site that’s not on any map, but is sure to offer a worthwhile experience. Naturally, the idiots agree and bloodshed and chaos ensues. I mean, if the plot was any more recycled I could reshape it and use it as a water bottle.

Funny enough, I can get passed the corny plot, the semi-independent film feel, and even the stupid decision-making skills of the college students, but I cannot forgive them for completely butchering the Leprechaun name. First off, let me get to the title. Leprechaun: Origins. This movie has nothing to do with any previous Leprechaun movie, nor does it take place before the first Leprechaun movie, so why is it called Leprechaun: Origins? Warwick Davis isn’t even in the movie! That’s right. The funny, wise-cracking Leprechaun that we all know and love is nowhere to be found in this film. Instead, he has been replaced with some wrestler from the WWE called “Hornswoggle” that happens to be a little person, but even that isn’t noticeable. You know why? This Leprechaun can’t talk. We don’t get a hysterical, psychotic Leprechaun in a green suit. We get a creature that can’t speak and only grunts as he chases his victims around on all fours, like an animal.

Speaking of this new Leprechaun animal, care to know what other traits he has? Well, how about vision like the Predator? Would you like that? No? Well, it happened. While the Leprechaun runs around on all fours, grunting and seeing in abstract colors, we cannot forget that he is also completely nude and is incapable of moving any muscle on his face. It’s embarrassing. The costume was so damn cheap and crappy, that the filmmakers make every attempt to avoid showing a close-up of the Leprechaun’s face on screen. The mask that the little person is wearing is literally just a plastic mask. Combined with the terrible outfit, he looks like a shaved monkey wearing a Halloween mask, just running around looking for his lost bananas. At one point, you can actually see the front “legs” of the costume jiggle when he hits the ground, like completely limp, hollow tubes. What is this? This isn’t the Leprechaun I remember.

You know, as I sit and think about that awful little costumed abomination running around and eating his victims, I have to wonder: What exactly makes this thing a Leprechaun? Is there a rainbow leading to a pot of gold? No. Is there even a pot of gold? No. Is there a short, funny person in a green suit? No. So, what exactly makes this thing a Leprechaun? The old man attempts to sacrifice the kids and calls it a Leprechaun, so are we just supposed to blindly accept this at his word? Apparently, the creature had some gold at one point, but the ancestors of the old man took it, and now he sacrifices people to make amends, but is that really a strong enough foundation to title this movie Leprechaun? What do you guys think?

Oh, right. In the end, we discover there are multiple Leprechauns running around in the field. Just what we need, right? More of these terrible creatures only leaves the damn film open for future sequels.

In closing, this movie should not have been made. That’s the bottom line. The budget CLEARLY was not there, and if this film was just an excuse to give that little wrestler dude a starring role, then at least give him a role with lines. Considering the Leprechaun didn’t speak and wore a stupid costume, literally any little person could have starred in this role. It took no talent whatsoever to run around in a damn shaved monkey outfit and grunt at people. The original Leprechaun was one of the first horror movies I ever saw as a young horror enthusiast and I remember laughing and cringing at the psychotic, rhyming lunatic in a green suit. Introducing comedy into horror was innovative and effective, and these people have completely ruined the franchise with no regard for the series and a big “Fuck you” to anticipating fans who caught wind of a sequel months ago. Well, right back at you, douchebags.

This movie is…
Avoid this one.

Cheers and goodnight.