A young woman rents a cabin in a backwoods mountain town to work on writing her second novel. The peace and quiet of the woods proves to be only a false sense of security as half a dozen men sexually assault her. Left for dead, the young woman seeks out revenge on her attackers in the most brutal way she knows how.

I don’t know why movies like this are made…

1. Before I get to the heart of why this movie is horror-ble, let me get the basics out of the way first. The acting is terrible – mostly by the main character. She reads her lines about as well as you’d expect from an independent horror actor. Everyone else seems to do okay with their lines, but really how can you screw up acting like a hillbilly?

2. I don’t buy the young woman as a novelist… at all. She can’t be a day over twenty-three and she looks like Meagan Fox. She doesn’t even do any actual writing while she’s in the cabin – she only drinks, gets high and jogs around outside. From what little we get to read from her novel, it sounds like something you’d hear a tween or college freshman write – it’s terrible. And yet, we are supposed to believe this young supermodel is an established author working on her second novel. I don’t buy it.

3. There is not one scary scene in the entire movie. Not one. I think the director must be a fan of “Hostel” or anything Rob Zombie directs, because this “movie” is nothing but disturbing images and graphic violence. That’s all well and good – if you make it scary. But, we don’t get scary scenes, we just get nauseating scenes. I don’t know why this movie was made, other than to just be disgusting.

4. I mentioned before how I didn’t buy that actress as a novelist, well, it turns out she plays an even worse killer. The last half of the movie just shows her going around killing her attackers. I admit, the methods she uses are creative and effective, but I just don’t see it coming from her. It just doesn’t make sense. She spends the night in the woods, and now suddenly is a master genius killer that can rig up death traps that would even put Jigsaw to shame? Oh, and what happened after she killed the last guy? The movie ends. I guess they weren’t too concerned about the story, only getting those gross images on screen.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, this movie is awful for a fundamental reason: There is never a need to show extensive scenes of a woman being raped. If you are trying to make a genuinely scary movie, there are subtle cutaways or innuendos you can use to let the audience assume it is happening, but to show the graphic sexual abuse as they did, only proves a lack of imagination. They did it just to be disturbing, and I have no respect for the people who made this movie.

In closing, I can’t think of a conceivable reason to ever watch this garbage. You’d be better off watching “The Ring” and if I’m recommending that piece of trash over this one, you know it has to be horror-ble.

This movie is…
Avoid this one.

Cheers and goodnight.