A serial killer with multiple personalities is being rushed to the hospital after being shot and stabbed multiple times. He wakes up and kills an EMT, crashing the ambulance and disappearing into the river. Simultaneously, seven premature births take place at the hospital. 16 years later, one by one the teens born that night are killed by what appears to be the serial killer from almost two decades ago.

Swing and a miss from Wes Craven…

1. I know Wes Craven has some kind of obsession with making movies about teenagers dying mysteriously, but this one focuses so much on the everyday life of the kids that it loses whatever suspense he was trying to build here. The movie was halfway over when I realized I had just been watching an obviously socially awkward teen try to cope with the pitfalls of high school. I think Wes Craven confused terror and horror with awkward and unusual.

2. Anyone with half a brain can figure out the twist in this film. Oh wait, a twist insinuates you don’t know how it’s going to end. The killer wears the same damn jacket for crying out loud.

3. Here’s a movie advertised as a horror that plays out like a murder mystery with the gore of a slasher. What do you get when you combine all of those elements? Odd and awkward. Even slasher movies are somewhat entertaining. Maybe I’m not being fair though, I’m judging this from the standpoint of an adult, maybe teenagers find this scary.

4. This is one of those “The scenes that show the killer are all in someone’s head” movies. Sound familiar? My Bloody Valentine, High Tension, Silent House, Gothika, The Uninvited, the list goes on. They want you to think “Oh, this guy can’t be the killer because the killer just attacked him”, which is what anyone would think. But when you say “it’s all in someone’s head”, there aren’t any rules and the movie doesn’t have to make sense. Well, Wes Craven took it one step further, and said the killer was all in someone’s head, while not being in the person’s head you think it is.

5. Probably the biggest hole in the plot, but if the serial killer 16 years ago had multiple personality disorder and one of the personalities was a killer, how would a child not related to him not only have the same disorder but have the same personality as the killer? I mean his son obviously has the same disorder, which makes sense, but his son’s friend just happens to get that personality? Are we supposed to think it was a ghost or a demon that possessed the killer and has now just happened to possess one of the kids 16 years later?

In closing, if you like slasher movies you might like this one. No horror here or scary scenes. The suspense is lost while trying to keep track of which person is nuttier than an acorn in this film. I think Wes was hurting for money when he came up with this teen horror.

This movie is…
Avoid this one.

Cheers and goodnight.