Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has continued his rivalry with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) outside of the wizard movies and into horror. Or maybe it’s a coincidence that they both came out with horror movies about ghosts in the same year. Even with Felton having a studio like Warner Bros. behind the reins of ‘The Apparition’, it’s apparent that this movie has a smaller budget than ‘The Woman in Black.’
The plot is unveiled in the first five minutes of the movie, showing Felton with a group of college friends around a table performing a séance, then the table moves, a lamp falls over, and one of the college students gets sucked into the wall. This is of course preceded by some sci-fi special effects of light shining out of a figurine on the table. Three years later the ghost has decided to manifest itself as mold in one college student’s house. Now he and his wife must survive the terror of the moldy ghost, with the help of Tom Felton.
It’s Horror-ble…
1. The music throughout the film sounds like something you’d hear in an inspiring Nike commercial. Actually, the acting is like something from a commercial, as well.
2. The movie takes place in the desert, and it doesn’t let you forget it. Dozens of shots of the surrounding desert and power lines are cut between scenes of the most boring couple in the world. When Tom Felton finally returned to the movie almost an hour after the opening scene, I realized that for 45 minutes of the movie I was watching the same two people pretend to be actors.
3. 50 minutes into the movie, the writers lose all originality and decide the ghost should be able to attack people in their dreams, and have the wounds inflicted in their dreams come through in real life. Sound familiar? Shortly after, the girl from ‘The Grudge’ makes an appearance, crawling out of a dryer, and eating Tom Felton’s soul. Okay…
4. Was this written overnight? I feel like they found this house in the desert, quickly wrote a shitty script around it, and threw in ideas from other horror movies. Nothing makes sense. The ghost creates mold constantly and randomly for no reason. I want to know where all the money went from all of the product placement. With names like Mountain Dew and McDonald’s, there had to be money for better writers.
5. The ending is as boring as it is random. With Tom Felton dead as well as the college student, his wife wanders into a Costco, crawls in a tent and is groped by ghosts. The end. I don’t know what else to say about it. This movie has drained my patience.

In closing, it seems neither Daniel Radcliffe nor Tom Felton win this round of battle of the horror movies. ‘The Woman in Black’ leaves you depressed while ‘The Apparition’ is too random to be scary.

This movie is…
Avoid this one.
Cheers and goodnight.