A pair of aspiring YouTube content creators film a fake video of a monster one night, sparking their interest to create an internet “show” in which they seek out monsters for the entertainment of online viewers. After posting an ad on Craig’s list for volunteers with monster-like qualities, the pair determine the final three “monsters” to be used for their show. After enlisting the help of two others – the ex-girlfriend of one of the show creators and the roommate of the other show creator – the team decides on a house to use for the filming and everything gets underway. Three monsters locked in a house overnight with four amateur filmmakers, what could go wrong?

Well, special effects apparently. This movie should have been left to a studio with a much larger budget, or at least access to quality special effects that don’t make the monsters look like video game characters. Hell, even practical effects would have been a better route. I’m not that fond of found footage horror movies anyway – especially ones filmed entirely in darkness, relying on the awful green night vision – but what makes it worse is when the monsters look so hoaky that you find yourself chuckling. When not in night vision, the scenes are so dark it’s barely discernible what’s going on, so I don’t know which to prefer. The posters alone give you an idea of the level of special effects I’m talking about. It’s 2017 people, 30-something years after John Carpenter’s The Thing, there’s no excuse.

When the movie started I actually found the main two characters pretty entertaining, and I got excited at their idea of chasing monsters for a YouTube show. Their concept reminded me of a lesser-known TV show called “Freakylinks” from the 90’s, but instead we get one night in this dark house and then the movie ends. We never get to see the show that never was. Their acting was pretty good, and definitely enjoyable to watch, but holy crap what were they thinking when they cast the actors to play the monsters? I mean in real life, the actor especially playing the vampire chick, what were they thinking? She has to be the worst actress I’ve seen since Shevonne Durkin in Leprechaun 2. I’m not exaggerating. I literally cringed during her scenes.

Spoilers ahead, but the inevitable happens. The monsters all go nuts and start killing everyone, (who didn’t see that coming?), and then the filmmakers kill the monsters, until all that’s left is the main show creator and another one of the filmmakers. The house itself turns into a proverbial house of horrors, forcing the filmmakers to fight their way through it, only to have most of them die in the process. That idea I also thought could be great had the budget been bigger and if the special effects weren’t mediocre. In a twist ending, the main show creator reveals that he brought the filmmakers and monsters to the house so they could all kill each other, allowing him to summon the anti-Christ – which he does. Wow, I was not expecting that. I thought the plot was simple enough with the whole YouTube monster show and the monsters going nuts, but apparently we needed a deeper plot for some reason. Well, the anti-Christ appears and pops in front of the camera for a jump-scare and the movie ends, presumably with the entire world now in ruin.

I go into these movies with an open mind and a hopeful disposition, but I also report my findings as honestly as I can, and this was not a good horror movie. Multiple errors in acting, special effects, story and random ending caused me to give this movie the rating that I did.

This movie is…

Not something to waste your time on.

Cheers and goodnight.